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Rubbish Clearance today for EIC in London

Rubbish disposal today was working for a blue chip company called The EIC in London. Rubbish disposal cleared lots of rubbish. Rubbish disposal also cleared 15 pallets of confidential waste which had to be taken to Keeble Waste Paper to be shredded and documented. A hard clearance but was done no problems.


Southend Fridge Clearance

Today Rubbish disposal was working with Southend Council disposing of lots of fridges. Rubbish disposal also cleared loads of rubbish for Southend Council. Hard clearance but worth it.


Rubbish clearance Brixton

Today we had the pleasure to do a rubbish clearance for the childhood trust in Brixton South London. We had to do a rubbish clearance from a kids bedroom to make way for a bedroom refurb. The rubbish we cleared was furniture and beds and flooring. We loaded all the rubbish in the back of…